Tuesday 13 November 2012

Bonfire night

This year we all went to two bonfire/firework displays.  On Saturday 4th November Mum joined us and we all went over to Belchamps for the evening.  A great bonfire, but the fireworks display was good, but it was just so expensive that we are thinking of something different next year.

Then the weekend just gone, I offered to help out marshalling at our school event, which meant that Lee stayed home with Cassandra and I took Alexander up with me and then Mum came up with Nicholas a little while later.

Now that Alexander has stopped going to karate (another sport bites the dust)! he is free to attend "Enterprise club" after school.  Basically the group were given some money and their challenge is to increase that money by the end of the school year.  So, the members had put together some stalls/games at the event and Alex was very happy to be taking the money on various tables throughout the evening.

 This was great as Alex was happy in Mr Shaw's classroom which left Michelle and I to marshall the event from the safe side of the barrier and to basically have some fun dancing before the fireworks off.
Nichols then arrived with Mum and proceeded to run around like a loony for most of the evening.

I have to admit the fireworks were just brilliant and next year Blenheim Primary school firework display is where we shall all be.


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