Friday 23 November 2012

KS1 Sports

Yesterday, Blenheim Primary School, along with 19 other schools in the Borough took part in KS1 sports being held over at Garons in Southend.  I was thrilled that Nicholas had been chosen to represent his school and went along to cheer him and the other kids on!
 There was an awful lot of waiting around and to be honest it wasn't organised very well, but Jack McCardle, Nicholas and Louie seemed to be doing okay apart from the fact they were starving as the school had not thought to take their requested pack lunches with them and the event was significantly over running.. 
Nicholas finally had his chance to shine in the relay race that he ran with Sam Henderson - the boys did brilliantly and came 2nd in their heat.

Overall, out of 19 schools, Blenheim came 2nd - WOOOOOOOP!!!!!


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