Sunday 19 August 2012

Week 4

I'm on the ball this week - already blogging week 4's activities..

Monday saw us over at Southchurch Park with some other Mum's, although we didn't stay long as I had to get over to Janine's to get on route up to Birmingham for Avon's Sales Leader event, Live Your Dream.

Bless Mum, she'd agreed to have the kids for me each day whilst Lee was at work, so they weren't booked into anything, just got to spend some quality time with Nannie.  They were all alive and kicked when I got home, so either the "serious talking to" I gave them all worked or Mum did indeed put them in the cupboard!!

I thoroughly enjoyed LYD, but got back really late Wednesday night, so didn't see the kids until Thursday morning when we were off down to Adventure Island with Dawn, Tara and the kids.  Was a great day and Alexander even went on The Rage!!!  Brave boy!!

That evening I went to see Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Cliffs Pavillion with Mum - just my thing, a show with all 50's and 60's music!

Friday was just a catch up day for me and a chill out play on the wii day for the boys whilst Cassie was at nursery, although in the evening I popped over to Charmaine's to her mini pamper evening in celebration of her and her friends qualifying as nursers after 3 years of training.

Saturday was a glorious hot day and we'd planned to go to the beach, but decided that it was just too hot to be with no shade on the beach, so the garden it was, with the paddling pool out, water table and water guns.  Karen and Ash spent the morning here with us whilst Sam was at football with Nicholas and they stayed for lunch when the boys got back, and to play.  Alex and Ash had great fun with the water ball I'd bought last week at the bootsale!

On Sunday, Lee went off up to London on his walk-around photo shoot whilst Mum had Nicholas and Cassandra and I took Alex to his Pokemon tournament.  Considering it was his first ever tournament and he was the youngest player there, he came 6th and got through to the semi-finals, winning a booster pack of Pokemon cards!  So, so proud of him.  He had a great day...

Week 5 tomorrow!!!!!!!


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