Friday 17 August 2012

Live Your Dream!

As most people will know, I'm very much into my Avon at the present time.  I've worked really hard this year and was rewarded by being invited to "Live Your Dream" a special event for the elite, the best of the best Sales Leaders in the country.

The event was held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham whcih played host to 800 Avon Sales Leaders...  After introductory tea & coffee, the first event was lunch on Tuesday..

Lots of recognition was done and in the afternoon we had a motivational speaker - Richard McCann - he is the son of the first woman to be murdered by Peter Sutcliffe - the Yorkshire Ripper.  He had me in tears at one point, but is definately an inspiration as despite his tough start, he has turned his life around and now has a loving wife and 2 kids.

Dinner was the main event and dress up wasn't in it - the dresses, the shoes - it was all fabby.

Vanessa Wright and I were sharing a room and we had such a laugh!

Dinner took far too long though for my liking (still sitting there at 10.30pm) but one of Avon's ambassador's Alesha Dixon put in an appearance, so worth the wait!

After dinner was the much anticipated disco and thanks to Vanessa I managed to last the distance and was still booging the night away at 1am!

An early start on the Wednesday and a lovely treat was that all the Area Manager's within Sparta Division joined us for lunch.  Although I'm Area 583 (Sarah), I recruit into Area 580 (Sara) so managed to sit with both managers :)

The afternoon did drag on a bit, and I finally got home just before 10pm - rather tired to say the least.  Still, it was worth it for the fabby goodies we were all given!

Many, many thanks to my Mum for having the kids for a couple of days as without her I wouldn't have been able to attend :)


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