Friday 17 August 2012

Week 3

I'm running a little late with week 3 activities as I started blogging, then never finished and have just tried to find another 10 mins in my day to finish off...

Well, the kids are alive and kicking - just.  These Mum's that I hear of (although I've never personally spoken to one) that LOVE the 6 LONG weeks school hols just amaze me.  Either that or they just put their kids in a cupboard and lock it!

Anyway, Monday saw us over at Wat Tyler, meeting up with a few other Mum's, although we didn't end up spending the day there as planned as the kids were just knackered and whinny to go home.  So we did and they spent the rest of the afternoon zonked out in front of the TV...

On Tuesday, I'd booked for the boys and I to go to "family pottery" at Swayne School in Rayleigh (thanks to Mum for spending quality time with her grand daughter) and they had a rather good morning creating lots of things out of their air drying clay...

Nicholas was particularly pleased with his fish!

The afternoon saw us spend time with my good friend Karen and her boys Ash & Sam.

Nicholas has football camp over at Soccer Hub on Wednesday and Cassandra had nursery, so some well needed 1:1 time with my eldest.  His choice and after breakfast (toast and chocolate cake) at Stop the World cafe in Leigh, he wanted to go down to the beach.  A grand session of crabbing then ensued - very proud of my big man for his efforts!

That evening we went over to the in-law's to visit their new addition - Oscar the kitten and he was well and truly fussed over!  Yummy Shephards Pie for tea too :)

Cassandra had Little Steps Gymnastics with her bud James Goff Thursday morning whilst I bombed over to Chelsmford with the boys for my 2nd follow up to my laser eye treatment.  All good so a trip to "The Entertainer" toy shop, saw the boys get some lego for all their gem work so far...  Quite impressed when we got home as they actually built it and played with it!

Dinner on the boys was the agenda for Friday after dropping Cassie at nursery as we all went to King Edmund school in Rochford for "Family Cookery".  Alex has shown an interest for a while now in becoming a chef, so I thought it would be fun....  Whilst what we cooked was great the arguments between the boys over who was chopping/stiring/cutting/mixing/layering etc etc was not so great.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing stuff with them....

The weekend saw Lee on his final two days of  FA coaching - his assessment days - pleased to confirm that he did indeed pass with flying colours, whilst I took all 3 kids down to Kent to Lennon's football party.  Both the boys had been invited and they both had a great time.

Sunday I got the best bargain at Neverdon's bootsale a double buggy for Cassie for £1.00!  I was very pleased.  And of course she had to get ANOTHER baby doll to go with it and of course she had to go and show her friend Jacob over the road.

The boys got bits and pieces that they saw and wanted, that they didn't really need, but at least they did all come home and play with them. 

Half way through....


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