Tuesday 22 June 2010

Lion's and tigers and bears oh my!

Despite one of our offspring being away for first thing Sunday, we had planned a special family day at Colchester Zoo once we had picked Alex up from camp.

The weather held and it was really nice just wondering around as it wasn't too crowded despite our thoughts that it would be, what with it being Daddies' day and all...

The kids were all fascinated by the squirrel monkeys as they jump really fast!

The big animals were the ones the boys really wanted to see (that and the dragons) and we were lucky as the rhino's, giraffe's and zebra were all out in force..

The elephants are one of my favourties..

After a good few hours, Alex started to flag - not surprising really as he hadn't gone to bed until 10pm the night before, so after an ice cream pit stop, we headed for home.

Another scrapbook page coming up...

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