Monday 7 May 2018

EXPO 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the last 8 years, Mum has been flying out to Florida to attend the HUGE Scrapbook Expo.  This year, courtesy of Mum, I got to go too!!!!!

The day after Cassandra's birthday, Mum and I flew out from Gatwick and had a day by the pool before the Expo started on Thursday.  
The "Mega Make and Take" event was attended by 600 people and we were two of them.  You are given a bag of 12 mini projects to complete during the evening, as well as being able to shop at each supplier's stall and then they each get up for half an hour and demo their project.  
I can't believe I got all 12 completed AND I sat and painstakingly put Diamond Dotz on individually to create this amazing piece...  Going to turn this into a layout!
Friday saw us up bright and early as our first class was at 8.30am - with the fabby Corey from A-Z Scrapbooking. I took a couple more classes than Mum, but we did get to be together for quite a few too - good pre-planning on our part.

This class Mum and I took run by Art Anthology looked amazing, lots of mixed media and mess, but the class wasn't long enough and it took forever for stuff to dry, so all we really got done was the main background.. oh well, best finish that off sometime!
'Cos Mum's been attending for a good few years, she's made some good American friends that she gets to meet up with and this year I got to put a person to a name - Robyn and Paula were great and Ann was another lovely lady we got to spend time with.

Saturday morning we were again up and out early to get in the what seemed like a never ending queue to get our "Golden Tickets" to go into a draw to win a HUGE prize.  Suffice to say it was probably best that we didn't win, we were over our baggage allowance coming home anyway!

 We even found time to shop and do some make and take's on the show floor...
Mum's legs and her breathing were playing her up a bit - not surprising really, with all the walking we had to do to get from one "classroom" to another, the Gaylord Palms is just HUGE, so lots of sitting and resting was done - with a cuppa of course!
When it was all over I had the need to get some of the layouts/projects I hadn't finished out, back at out hotel room and finish some stuff off.
Whilst I missed Lee and the kids, I had SUCH A BRILLIANT week scrappin' and spending time with Mum, I want to go again next year!!!

Thanks Mum - you're awesome!  x


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