Wednesday 29 October 2014

Half term history trip

Ever since I'd heard about the poppies at the Tower of London, marking the 100th anniversary of WW1, I had wanted to take the kids up to see them.  I have a real "thing" about the next generation being aware of their history and I thought it was important for my kids to learn about what happend..
So, last Monday of half term, Mum and I ventured up to London and courtesy of my Tesco vouchers we all visited the Tower of London...
Amazing, stunning, poignant, spectacular... words just can't describe what the sea of blood red poppies look like..
Each one individually hand crafted, so no two are the same.  There are 3 shifts working around the clock to ensure that there is one poppy to represent each fallen hero by Remembrance Sunday.

 No trip to the Tower would be complete without a visit to see the crown jewels

or meeting a Beefeater!
 Wishful thinking!!!
Whilst looking around the Fusiliers museum, Alex who happened to have his Scout and Proud sweatshirt on, noticed a scout super imposed in one of the pictures!
 They all wanted their pic taken with a soldier - one of the Fusiliers...
Then on to cruise the Thames on a boat ride taking in Big Ben, the House of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, London Eye etc

A brief re-vist to the poppies and we were homeward bound...

A long tiring day, but boy was it worth it...


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