Tuesday 14 October 2014

And he's off....

Yesterday was a hard day for me as I waved my eldest child off on his first ever trip with the school...

In Year 6 at Blenhim Primary school, the children can choose to go to Hilltop in Norfolk for a week (well, technically 5 days, that's 4 nights.... not that I'm counting)..  and Alex actually wanted to go which I was really pleased about as I thought it would do him good (?!)
So in the pouring rain we drove to school as normal and after his siblings said goodbye and went to class I stayed with Alex (and all the other parents in the main hall) to help him down with his case to the coach..
He was excited, but very nervous as although he's stayed at Mum's and overnight at friends' houses, he's never been away from home for that long on his own.. (Cub/Scout camp earlier this year didn't really count as I was there too).

He (and I) were doing really well, until they got on the coach and then they just sat there for a bit, the tears were welling up in both of us, but we managed to compose oursleves and smile lots and wave like silly people!

I REALLY hope he has a GREAT time....


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