Tuesday 4 September 2012

Week 6

Again a little late, but hey I'm blogging!

Bank Holiday put me all out day wise, but on Tuesday I took the boys back to Family Pottery - only this time they had an idea of what they wanted to make... Alexander made some book ends and Nicholas made a pot that you can put a tea light in...both just need to air dry, be painted and then they are good to go :)

Nicholas had his last football training session at Soccer Hub today and Cassandra was in nursery, so an Alex and I day... we didn't do anything major, had lunch in Leigh and spent the day at home - doing "stuff" although I couldn't quite say what other than we cleared his room up and you can now see the floor!

Thursday we went out with Mum, the kids wanted to go crabbing again, but high tide was at 12 noon, so there we were at 9am down on the beach in Southend. It was a little chilly to say the least but we were there and boys did brilliantly in catching crabs...

 Cassandra however, preferred to be snuggled under the towel!

I'd done really well this week in that I signed up TWO new reps to my team whilst going for Avon's Rising Stars programme..  Hope they succeed!

Friday saw my first day without ANY of the kids - Cassandra had her last day at nursery and Alex and Nicholas were over at Deanes in Thundersley at Waterzone and Rounders... I spent the day tidying up, sorting paperwork and catching up on stuff...

The countdown had been long, but Saturday finally arrived and Leigh Ramblers U7 Tigers had their first tournament of the season.

Lee had spent AGES sorting out rotations so that all the kids got to play in every game etc etc and they all tried very hard.  Nicholas got to be goalie for two of the matches and he did very well....

It was their first real tournament as a team, and unfortunately they didn't win any games, but all had a good time and Freddie Knight was pleased as punch to get the Man of the Match trophy!

Lee and I were especially proud of our own little star..

The weekend was rounded off with both the boys doing some back to school work with Liam, Alexander's teen tutor...

and then a visit from Lisa & Greg and the twins..

The 6 weeks have actually gone quite quickly...


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