Monday 10 September 2012

Lee's birthday treat!

Lee turned 38 yesterday and although Alexander was at Rachel's house for a sleep over the night before, Cassandra and Nicholas made Daddy breakfast in bed :)

Lee's birthday treat this year was family indoor skiing up at Milton Keynes!  We'd seen SnoZone when we'd gone up a few weeks previously to the indoor sky diving and it looked REALLY good..

So, as they were doing a special offer of an hour's family instruction AND Cassie could take part too, I booked it!
It's harder than it looks and Nicholas was probably the best one out of the three boys as he has so much lower body strength due to playing so much football...

Cassie unfortunately decided 10 minutes in that she didn't want to ski, so we sneaked over to the sledging area and had a few goes down the slopes - very brave as she went down on her own :)

Was a brilliant morning for a special occasion - just wish there was a centre nearer to us!


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