Tuesday 4 September 2012

Week 5 - a little late

So I'm a little behind to say the least, but thought I'd post anyway!

Week 5 saw both Alexander and Nicholas throwing up Sunday night/Monday morning, so the planned meet up at Shoebury East Beach didn't happen for us, instead it was a day of tv until 3.30pm when I dragged everyone to Clarks for our pre-booked appointment for school shoes.

£100 later and the 3 kids were kitted out for September.

Tuesday was a disaster as Alex was booked into Clements Hall to do his Bikeability certificates, but on route, the bike rack fell off the back of the car and his bike was trashed :(

We were VERY lucky there was actually a police car following us who was driving at a safe distance behind that could brake without running into the bike I was dragging along behind the car or crashing into us.  No one was hurt thankfully, but the cost of not taking part in the course, the repair to both Alex's new bike and the car was not great!

Wednesday was a "chill out day" as we call it and Thursday saw Alex over at Belchamps with my friend Karen's son Ash - they had a great time.  I dropped Nicholas off at Chase for Rueben's birthday football party and Cassandra and I played with the playdough and moonsand until it was time to go and collect everyone.  I then dropped Nicholas off at Mum's for his summer sleep over and Alex and Lee had fun on the PC after dinner.

Friday saw Lee, Alex and I up in MK for sky diving.

Bank hol Saturday we finally ventured to Waldgraves over at West Mersea for our 2 night camping experience, but the weather just wasn't being nice to us and it just hammered it down.  

Not ideal for cooking, so we ventured out in the car and found the local chippy!

However, the pants weather, coupled with the fact that I'd forgotten my sleeping bag, made the decision Sunday morning that we were not staying a 2nd night.

After breakfast of bacon and sausage sandwiches..

the kids played cricket and on the tree with the family next to us

and then we after we'd packed the tent up we went down to the beach - which was the best bit of the entire weekend - digging in the sand!

So as we were home on Bank Holiday Monday, I let Lee have a well deserved lie in and I took the kids up to Blenheim's bootsale and Cassie got yet ANOTHER baby doll - this one is called Lucy...

Almost there!


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