Sunday 6 May 2012

A big 3

I can't believe that our baby girl is now a big 3.  How the hell did that happen!??!!?

As we were travelling back from Nottingham on Cassandra's actual birthday on Monday, her birthday this year was on the Tuesday.  Lee and I had bought her a big girl's bike which she's doing very well on (riding to school of an afternoon).

She also enjoyed her birthday "tea" when Mum, Tony & Christine popped round too.

Sunday was her birthday party - and in my usual themed event - a Fairies and Elves themed one as Cassie LOVES Tinkerbell.

There were 13 "little people" here who all enjoyed fairy based activities such as wand making, decorating fair cakes, musical toadstools and of course no party is complete without fairy dust and a fairy treasure hunt!

 Love you baby girl!


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