Monday 21 May 2012

Backstage with Harry Potter

Alex's birthday treat was a trip to the newly opened WB Studios and boy was it a great experience...

From the moment we arrived to the moment we drove away Alex had such a smile on his face it was worth the money!

It was one of his birthday gifts so the whole day was a complete surprise and it's just so well done that ANY Harry Potter fan has to visit.

You have to book tickets in advance and it's all timed to perfection, so no major queues or pushing and shoving which was great.  I'd ordered two of the additional audio kits, but these really weren't needed.

I don't know whether it was the the HP top that he was wearing (bought from The Wizarding World of HP in Florida) but Alex was chosen to open the doors to the Great Hall - he was so excited he was jumping up and down!

The detail in everything is just amazing - could can almost imagine the scenes in the films...  The HUGE Hogwarts entrance gates were very imposing..

All 3 kids got to fly on a broomstick against a green screen which they loved!

From the TriWizard Cup, to the Death Eaters, from The Ministry of Magic to rather large Chess - it was all just amazing..

It was good to see Priviet Drive, but I loved the Night Bus, although Harry's own house was kind of ereiee...

Lee and Alex loved the Special Effects area - although Cassie didn't so she and I went ahead a little..

Diagon Ally was one of my favourite areas, it just seemed "smaller" than I thought it would, but the model of Hogwarts, used for all the outside shots was just breathtaking..

Towards the end of the tour in Ollivanders, there are thousands of wands with the name of everyone that worked on the films - I just happend to find Robert Pattinson's - terrible tragedy ole Cedric...

It took us a good couple of hours to go around, and to be honest, it Lee and I hadn't of had the kids with it, it would of taken longer!

If you are an HP fan, then this is one experience that you shouldn't miss!



Unknown said...

Omg Sharon looks like you all had a fantastic time for Alex's birthday. I have tickets for the studio tour on 25th June an I'm a massive Harry potter fan it's going to be epic!!! I can't wait xxxxx

Infinity97 said...

It's brilliant!!!!! A MUST for any HP fan :)

Unknown said...

That's SOO COOL! I will never stop loving Harry Potter!! :D I recently made a review on it as well! :)