Sunday 6 May 2012

8?!?!?! How did that happen?!!??!

So not only was Cassandra 3 last week, but Alexander turned 8.  Just doesn't seem possible...

But it was possible, and on his birthday on Friday we had the usual family "tea party" with Nannie, Tony and Christine in attendance to help share his birthday cake.

Late afternoon, two of his good friends Oliver Knight and Nathan Gray came over for a Pokemon themed sleepover...  Lots of pizza, popcorn and chocolate was the order of the evening and by 10.30pm they had all crashed out in the Den.

Saturday morning saw Alex off to his friend James' (from Karate) party but then the BIG POOL PARTY was the main event in the afternoon.  Alex had never had the "class party" so this year I'd hired Belfairs swim pool with a HUGE inflatable in it and 33 odd kids had been invited.

They all said they had a good time and as long as mine did that was the main thing.

Getting ready for the off..

Alexander and Nicholas were first

Alex and Rebecca George (the girlfriend)!

Thomas Goff

Kerys, Jasmine and Amy

???, Calum and Oliver
Nathan, Hugh and Dylan


 Alex, Liam and Sam






 The gang..

Many many thanks to Rachel Harkes and Michelle Gray for being my "Mum's in the pool" and to Mum, Dawn and Tara for sorting the cake out.

Thanks also to EVERYONE that came along and for all of Alexander's lovely gifts.


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