Friday 2 March 2012


It's not often I will spend the day shopping.  I'm not a "normal" female according to Lee as I must be the only one he knows and unfortunately is also married to, that doesn't like just wondering around the shops for hours on end.

So, when I suggested a trip to Lakeside to do the dreaded S thing, Lee was all up for it.  The catch?  A major culling of Lee's wardrobe - so we had to go to get him some new clothes.

After a couple of stops at Costa Coffee, I wanted to encourage him to get out of his comfort zone (Geek T-shirts, StarTrek T-shirts, etc etc are no longer allowed) so I had him trying on every "different" item of clothing.

Some looked good, some didn't but the credit card certainly took a bashing and now I'm looking forward to seeing my man dressed to impress this weekend :)


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