Friday 2 March 2012

And now there are two...

The weekend before last Alexander asked if he could go and watch Nicholas play football at Leigh Ramblers on Saturday morning.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised as Alex has never shown any interest in football at all, but we all went along and low and behold, Alex took quite an interest in kicking the ball around with me whilst Lee was cheering on Nicholas.

So, after a bit, I wondered over to the coach for the Under 8's and asked if he could join in (wellie boots and all) and he was more than happy for Alex to play along with the other kids.

He came off the pitch yelling that he'd had an "awesome" time and could he come along again next week please?

So that afternoon, Lee took him over to Sports Direct to get him a pair of football boots :)  He was a happy little chappy.

So last Saturday, dressed appropriately with football boots and an Arsenal shirt of Nicholas' he went along again and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Alexander and football?  Wonders will indeed never cease, but I'm so proud of him :)


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