Friday 16 March 2012

Birthday girl!!!

For my birthday this year I was very lucky in that my good friend Rachel Harkes treated me to a wonderful pamper day up in Colchester!!

I was soooooooooooo looking forward to it, but as usual, nothing ever goes smoothly.... An incident on the A12 on the way there and then being a bit blonde and reading the "from the North" instructions meaning we went the wrong way and lead to us arriving a bit later than planned.. All was good though until just before we got there, the school called me to say that Nicholas had been pushed by another child and had fallen over the bench and had a big gash by his eye that may need stitches, at the least steri-stripes and could I go and collect him please?

Actually no.  Couldn't get hold of Mum, Rachel was with me, Michelle was at the gym, Charmaine was at Uni so poor Iain very kindly went and got him only to confirm that he was fine and although it was painful, a trip to A&E wasn't needed!

So we arrived and calm ensued only to be told that they were short staffed and had pushed all our appointments back a few hours.  The least they could then do was throw in a couple of complimentary robes for the inconvenience - which they did!

We spent what was left of the morning swimming (or just lazing) in the pool and sauna etc and then we both had our facials .  Lunch was included and was a very yummy affair.  

JJust time for a cuppa afterwards before our all over body massages...

After another tea break....

 we had our manicures and pedicures...

I had an awesome day with a wonderful friend and we're determined to go again!

Thank you so much Rachel - love ya!


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