Friday 19 August 2011

Week 3....

Well, all 3 kids are still breathing - just... and this week we were still all on the go..

On Monday - our first prot of call was Pets at Home (again) to replace Alex's guinea pig Muffin that escaped from the run last week and we think got eaten by the fox. Custard is now our new addition. From there we met up with some of the other Mum's and headed over to Grays Beach - which a smaller version of Promanade Park, Maldon - just more enclosed - felt a little safer letting the kids go off. Will def. be going there again (if I can find it that is)!

Tuesday was a day spent with Mum and we took the kids down to the beach for a bit in the morning and where we were had one of those small pool areas that stays full of water when the tide goes out, so I ended up buying them all crabbing nets, not that they caught anything!

The afternoon was spent at Southchurch park - do like it there, enough for all the kids to do.

Wednesday was the first day of Nicholas's 3 day mini football camp and he was well excited. So wants to follow in the footsteps of Robin van Persie! Cassandra was at nursery so I got some much needed 1:1 time with my eldest. Alex and I went into town to our "little cafe" and had a late breakfast of toast and then just spent the day doing stuff together which included making some stacking candles!

Thursday Nicholas was again at football, so I took Cassie and Alex swimming to Garrons which was a lot of fun.

Friday Alex joined Nicholas at Deanes - for Dodgeball & Waterzone which he absolutely loved. Cassie was at nursery so I had about 4 hours to myself - which were spent cleaning and catching up on paperwork /making phone calls :) When all 3 sprogletts had been collected we zoomed into town to Clarkes (great place, they now do appointments) so I could fork out nearly £100 on 3 new pairs of school shoes... Cassie went up 2 sizes!!!!
I treated the boys on Saturday by taking them to Empire Juniors to see Rio which they liked whilst Lee spent time in town with his daughter.

And the last day of of the week - Sunday Lee spent time with the boys building a run up for the guinea pigs to the top level of their hutch and raising the hutch higher off the floor - to avoid any cat/fox encounters...

So - into week 4....


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