Tuesday 2 August 2011

The first week..

Well, we're into the second week of the summer hols and my 3 kids are still alive and kicking - I must be slacking!

We've as usual, had a busy week - although on Monday I tried to keep things a little low key and we just went to the library to register the kids for the Circus read, and popped round to see Mum - the kids wanted to put on a show for us, but they also wanted volunteer's to take part - reminded me of me when I was little!

On Tuesday, I took the kids over to Thorndon Country Park to an Indiana Jones morning - we had to follow clues to find the Holy Grail - all the kids had great fun running around in the woods..
On Wednesday, Cassie was at nursery - which is good as get to do stuff with the boys that I can't always do with her around. So in the morning I took the boys over to a cosmetic workshop and we made bath bombs, bath oil and aftershave. Then we met up with the Harkes' at Chalkwell park for a play..

Thursday was an emotional day as we had to take Lee to his parents as he was leaving for South Africa to go on Safari with his Dad and Brother-in-law. So after, I took the kids to a big "Working Together against Crime" event in Basildon - on the train! They love travelling on a train for some reason... they were all quite good and both Nicholas and Cassandra had their faces painted whilst we were there..

Friday, Cassie was back in nursery, so I took the boys to Fun Swim up at school and then treated the boys to an event of their choice at "Action Park"- they choose to go on the quad bikes!! They both said they were awesome, even if Alex did take the corner too fast and stack the bike!!

Saturday was really just a dossy day, although Nicholas wanted to count all his money, but one of his moneyboxes the hole was too small to get anything out, so I ended up smashing it. Then came the adventure of trying to find another moneybox - how hard can this be - very actually! We ended up over at The Factory Shop in Rochford, where Nicholas choose a globe. This was good as I was able to point out where Lee had gone in relation to England :)

Sunday saw us over at a Family Fun Day in Eastwood where both Alex and Nicholas enjoyed a go in the Water Walkers there and Cassie loved the old fashioned swings.

After that one, we ventured over to Rochford as one of Mum's friends had told us about a Pony sanctury that was having a charity event, and the kids loved that one even more as they had some cheap 20p/30p stalls they could have a go on. The best bit for Alex was the actual pony ride though...
So, all in all we've had a good week..


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