Wednesday 8 May 2019

Birthday Boy !

So I now have a 10 year old stroppy little moo, an accident prone 13 year old and a rather tall (6f 3") 15 year old Sith Lord living in the house!
Lee and I bought Alex a Cadet ZooKeeper experience for his birthday and so on Bank Holiday Monday, we all ventured off to Colchester Zoo.  Lee, Nicholas and Cassie explored whilst Alex and I got to "go behind the scenes" so to speak.
He felt quite important!
 He got to talk to the penguins..
 Chat to the African Crowned Crane
 Hold the barn owl..
Take the ring-tailed coati for a walk around the zoo..
 Chat to Flapjack - the pancake tortoise...
And feed a stingray!!

He had such a good time and so did I. 

Happy birthday gorgeous boy!


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Jackie said...

Super photos!! Will make superb scrapping layouts!!!!!!!!!