Friday 1 March 2019

Calvinball - day one: Just for Kicks

Mum and I have signed up to Calvinball - it's an American on line yearly challenge run through their page on Facebook.

The idea is that it runs EVERYDAY through the month of March and sets a daily challenge to use certain things on piece of creative work - in our case, a layout, for which you get points for.  There is actually no prize for the winner, just the kudos of being the winner!

So it started today and you had to use:
  • floral paper
  • the colour green
  • a star
  • an enamel dot
Today's offering is a football theme layout of Nicholas.
My theory is, that if I can do a layout each day (yeah right, but we'll give it a go) then I may just catch up a little bit on my "layouts to do list"!!



Maribeth said...

This is a wonderful page, which feels very light and airy and springy to me. Beautiful.

Jackie said...

Nice to scrap football in something other than green!!! Super layout!!