Sunday 3 September 2017

Weeks 4, 5 AND 6

I'm a little behind with the ole up-to-date blogging, but before I can blog other stuff, I'm going to get the school hols out the way...

So week 4 was pretty un-eventful really.  The kids had various friends over, they all went with other friends to shoot each other at laser, they had people to sleep over and they slept over at other people's houses.

Friday then arrived and we all set off "up north" to the Lake District for a week of climbing, walking and hiking the hills....

It rained.

I don't like hiking in the rain.

Still the views were amazing, although after a while one mountain looks like every other mountain...

Was very impressed though, all 3 boys hiked and survived Helvellyn!!!  So proud of them.  I even bought them a t-shirt saying so!

We finally got home after a very tiring 7½ hours on the road.

Week 6 (almost there) was to catch up on what else needed to be done for back to school next week. We all had a lovely day out with Natalie and her boys, Louis came over to stay, Alex (a different one to mine) came over, Zarah came round, Millie popped in.. It was lovely to see people.  Always loved having an "open house" so to speak.  Who needs an appointment to see friends..?

Friday saw us taking a ride along the seafront with Mum on an open-top bus!  It's the one thing Mum had said she would like to do with the beasties, and we just got to fit it in. We got on at Adventure Island, got off in Leigh for a cuppa and a slice of cake, and then back on again to return to the seafront.  Happy days.

Saturday saw me FINALLY getting my hair cut and coloured - quite pleased with the results although the boys couldn't believe how long it took..
Sunday then saw Nicholas' team in their pre-season tournament over in Wickford.  Was nice to see the football family again!
Great picture of the team with Derek centre back as his company Del'sTiling are sponsoring the team again this year.

So YES!!!! we all made it through another school summer holidays!


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