Saturday 5 August 2017

I survived Week 1

Most people that know me know that I really don't look forward to the 6 weeks summer hols. Spending quality time with my 3 beasties is more like playing referee in a boxing match.

However, this year, the first week was spent with Mum and the 3 beasties in a caravan on the Isle of Wight.

It rained.  Alot.

We still managed to get out and about though.  On route to the Amazon Zoo, we stopped off at a local Boot Sale and Cassandra was overjoyed with her 8 new kittens!
The Amazon Zoo was fabby - Mum managed to bag herself a scooter to ride around on! 
After the Zoo we stopped off at Arrenton Craft Village and the beasties got to decorate their own mugs..

 And watch someone blowing glass
 And play on the 1p slot machines!
 On Tuesday, we had a ride on the Island's Steam Train

 And visited Haven Falconry
 Cassie decided that she'd rather walk a ferret than hold a bird!

 The Needles was next on our list
Along with a chair lift ride - more enjoyable for some than others!
 Mum LOVED the carousel, Nicholas, not so much!

 All 3 beasties created a sand momento
And had fun playing crazy golf, although I did say I would never play this game with Nicholas again- way to competitive and such a sore looser!
The on site pool wasn't that big, but big enough to muck around in..
 We also ventured to Monkey Haven - I'm thinking the two new additions look good?!
Fossil Hunting at Yaverland was not a success as the wind and rain really did put a damper on things..

 Although the treats at Daisy's Bakery and Tea Rooms put a smile back on everyone's face.
We attempted crabbing the following day at St Helen's with mild success thanks to a family who donated some of their bacon to us.

Mum's favourite part of the morning was the scone with cream and jam!
Our final afternoon was spent in Newport where Alex was in heaven when he found a Warhammer shop and the beasties sourced all their stationery in readiness for school in September!

Despite getting to the port early, we couldn't get an earlier ferry, so tea and toast it was.  After what seemed liked forever to get home, we made it
The joys of being away for a week!

Thanks Mum for taking us away :)


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Jackie said...

Looks like we all had a really good time!!!