Saturday 25 March 2017

The Challenge was set..

About a month or so ago, Alexander who's seen as an AMA (Academically More Able) student was chosen as only 1 of 7 groups to enter the Gifted & Talented/AMA Dragon's Den competition.
Students from across all years from 7 to 11 had to come up with an original idea that would enhance education or something technical.
Alex decided to work with his bud Rhys and he came up with the idea of Holo-boards.  A holographic board that could help students learn in class.

 For example in Biology - so eliminating the need for physically dissecting 30 dead frogs, students could use the holo-board and a holo-glove and do it instead.  In Business Studies, it could be used to 3D show a theme park that students are designing..
The boys had to present their idea in front of the "Dragons" which included the Principal, Assistant Principal, Head of Computing etc.  Once their presentation was over, the Dragons quizzed them on their idea - they were hard Dragons!

There were some good ideas put forward but to their total surprise and amazement, they came 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To say they were thrilled was an understatement.
I was so so proud of Alex as standing infront of the main Senior Leadership team and over 50 parents must of been very daunting, but he and Rhys rose to the challenge and nailed it.

Way to go young man.

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