Sunday 19 March 2017

A new beginning...

Alexander hasn't been happy at his current Scout group for a while, but after a chance conversation with other leaders in a different group and in a different District he's been a guest at 1st Rayleigh, Crouch Valley District for the last few weeks.
They are brilliant, have a great leadership team, are soooo enthusiastic and full on as today he had the opportunity to go scuba diving with them.  Alex already scuba dives with Aquapigs and is actually only 2 dives away from his PADI Master Seal certification.  This morning however he was diving in a deep water tank and had a fabby time diving with the other scouts he's already made friends with.
So much so that Mark, his new leader invested him into 1st Rayleigh at the bottom of the tank!!!!!

Now that's an event he'll remember forever...

Onwards and Upwards for my young man.


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