Wednesday 13 January 2016

Naughty Little Elf

Those of my friends and family that are on my facebook page will know that this year, Cassandra had a guest stay with us for the month of December.  A little elf called Candy.

She was supposed to be keeping an eye on Cassandra and reporting back to Santa if she's been naughty or nice, however Candy got up to some serious mischief whilst she was with us...
 From playing with the loo rolls..

 Eating all the chocolates..
Building a race track to race Cassie's My Little Pony's..
And drinking blue milk in the fridge.
 However, some of the toys got their own back on her, including Ice Queen Elsa who froze her..
 And Darth Vada who used the force on her!
Candy had to go home on Christams eve, but I'm sure she may be back next year!


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