Tuesday 19 January 2016

Double Figures...

Nicholas turned 10 last week - how?!!?
Just like his brother before, when Alexander got to 10, we bought Nicholas his own Nexus... even more  gaming...

Still enjoys a chocolate cake!
And absolutely LOVES his beanbag that my good friend Martyna made him for me!
The weekend saw a dozen or so boys all get together to enjoy a few hours on the Gamerz Bus that I'd arranged for Nicholas..

 Lee obvioulsy had to get in on the act too..
So from Fifa to Minecraft, and WrestleMania to Halo they all had fun..
 drinks and cakes during the session and Pizza after along with chocolate cake
 ensured Nicholas really enjoyed his birthday!

Thanks to everyone that came along and helped him celebrate and for all the cards, gifts and money he received.


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