Sunday 29 November 2015


Back in June of this year, a friend of mine told me about a competition that Edes (a cooking/kitchen shop in Leigh) were running. 

Children had to bake a cake and then they got to have it displayed in the shop window.  Alex, as was imaginable, was very much up for the challenge.

So he baked an AWESOME rainbow cake (all by himself I hasten to add) and entered that.

On Friday afternoon, I got a call from Edes to say that he'd won!   I was so excited, he's had such a bum ride the last few months, what with being so poorly and missing so much time from school, that he deserved a break.  I picked him up from school and told him the good news and he was over the moon.
So Friday evening, Mum, Alexander, Cassandra and I went down to the Leigh lights switch on to collect his prize (which we didn't even know what it was as he wasn't bothered about it when he entered, he was more thrilled about having his cake in the the shop window).  Two Adventure Island tickets later, he was one happy young man.


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