Tuesday 24 November 2015

Beaver Scouts and Water...

In my role of Beaver Scouts Leader and programme planner, I'm trying to get us all out and about as much as possible, so last week 30 chilren, a few young leaders, Sue and I all went to visit our local fire station..

I'm up for most things, so when one of the fire fighters offered for one of us to get into gear, I was "volunteered"!

It's all rather heavy to say the least and then these brave pepole go into a burning building to rescue someome!
Although ALexander wasn't with us, his favourite piece of equipment has always been the "jaws of life"!
 Nicholas was kept warm thanks to Abbi..

And Cassandra's favourite part of the visit was, like most of the other Beavers, when she got to play with the hose!

Thank you Blue Watch of Leigh Fire Station for a great visit.


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