Sunday 1 November 2015


I've been watching various fb posts about a place called Kidzania in London that is a mini town for children.  The idea being that they can go and take part in various occupations and either get paid for them or pay to do them.  I was really intrigued by this concept so as today there was no bloomin' football match, the whole family set off early for our 10am slot at Kidzania!

I have to admit that after looking at all the maps and deciding what jobs the beasties' wanted to do most, the place was not as big as I thought it would be and the kids could quite easily go off on their own and not get lost and be safe. 

We'd planned for 4 activities each with a 5th as back up, but they got to do loads. As we had the first slot there was not so many people around, but even when it got busier later in the day it wasn't as manic as I had thought it would be. 

Flight Academy was first on the agenda..
 Cassandra and Alexander being pilots..
 Alex searching out a story as a journalist

 Nicholas as a radio presenter
 Lab Technician Cassie
Alex being a surgeon
 Cassie graduated with a degree in engineering!
 Alex as a postie
 Cassie delivery parcels
 Nicholas trying out being an air conditioning technician
Alex attempting to be an animator
Fav activity: Radio presenter
 Air hostess
Formula One pit crew member

A rather expensive day out, but I must admit it was worth it as all 3 loved it!

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