Sunday 1 February 2015

SUFC mascot!

"Football is my whole life" Nicholas said to me the other week, so he was rather excited when Lee told him that through contacts both he and his buddy Reuben were going to be mascots for Southend United for their game against York this weekend!
Nicholas plays as goalie for Leigh Ramblers U9 Tigers, so he'd requested was to walk out with Daniel Bentley, Southend United's goalie..
He got his wish and was even lucky enough to get given a keepers kit too!
Reuben and his dad Simon are season ticket holders, so Roo got his shirt signed by the players, Nicholas wanted to keep his, so he settled just for Dan.

 Warming up on the pitch
 Hugs and heads with Sammy the Shrimp!
 Hands and messing the hair with Elvis the Eel!
 Finally walking out with Dan!

By the time the game started, it was snowing!
The boys were rather cold, but as we had the loan of a Director's box, they boys soon warmed up to watch Southend beat York 1-0!
Nicholas is very proud of his signed programme and now has it frammed up in his room.

What an awesome experience - thank you so much to those that were involved in making such an event for my and Simon's little men, such an amazing one. x


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Alexander Butler said...

Thats my brilliant brother. He's football crazy!I am so glad for him that he got to be a football mascot especially with Dan bently!