Sunday 22 February 2015

Half Term

So, another half term week has been and gone and it wasn't toooooooooo stressful!

Monday was fun, Lee took the day off work and we went up to Duxford museum.  Despite the rain, we had a great time and the planes are just amazing...

 Never did I think that I'd get to go on Concorde, but I did!

Out of all the American planes, the Blackbird had to be my favourite - but it will always be the X-Jet to me!
One of my all time favourite days out, so thank you Tesco vouchers!

Tuesday I took the boys to see Big Hero 6 as Cassandra was seeing the same film with her friends in celebration of Lucia's birthday!
Wednesday Nicholas spent at at 1GK goal keeper training of which he got in the local paper (again) whilst Cassandra spent the day playing with her friend Lexie and Alex spent the whole day gaming with his friend Ashley.
Nicholas spent Thursday over at Festival Leisure with some friends in celebration of Ryan's birthday and Alexander spent the whole afternoon planning Warhammer 40k tactics at Games Workshop.
Was so proud of Alex on Friday as he came along to the local foodbank with me and helped package up and hand out 14 food parcels.
Nicholas had a sleepover at Nannie's house and Alex, Cassandra and I all went to see Merlin Productions' "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" with the beavers and cubs of 3rd Prittlewell and 1st Heycroft, culminating in a sleepover at St Laurence Church Hall.  Cassie was thrilled on Saturday morning when she was awarded her first ever Beaver Scout badge - Nights Away 1 :)
I've therefore had 2 ratty kids for the weekend and 1 hyper one as Nicholas' football match was cancelled today..

Roll on tomorrow!!

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