Monday 11 August 2014

Camping fun?!!?

I can't remember who's brilliant idea it was to go camping with the in-laws, but that's what we did last weekend..
 However, the weekend that we had all agreed on co-insided with Hurricane Bertha's arrival...
 Still, we are British and we will enjoy ourselves..

 Even if that means hiring a wind break and wrapping up on the beach!
 Not everyone was as cold as everyone else and Alexander and Nicholas spent ages in the sea!

 I think the little ones were a tad colder...
 But even they jumped the waves after a bit!

  Was a great day for kite flying though!

After being almost rained out on the Friday evening and coming back from the beach on Saturday aftrnoon to find our tent porch all blown over, the executive decision was made to pack up and come home early :(

Not before a session in the arcades, on the go-karts and trampoline!

Maybe next year we can pick a better weekend!!!


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