Sunday 3 August 2014

Annual week in a caravan...

I've been a bit lax of late in updating my blog, suffice to say the kids have now broken up and we've already been and come back from our now annual week away with Mum in a caravan.  I'd collected the ole tokens from the Sun Newspaper and booked our week away.  However, due to Alexander going into Year 6 in September, we were looking at Secondary schools at the end of July and Eastwood Academy's was the last Monday of term - the week we were due to go away.  Considering that it's the school that we would like Alex to attend and it's our catchment school, he couldn't miss it, so I moved the holiday and we ended up back where we spent last year at Havens "Wild Duck" in Gt Yarmouth.

Despite being involved in an accident on the way up (we were all okay, someone hit us up the back), we arrived early and headed straight to the pool for the rest of the afternoon until gone 5pm when we went and found our caravan, only to be surprised that we were in the exact same one we'd been in last year!
 Our first night was spent over at the venue...
The boys spent most of their time out in the arcades, but Cassandra is still young enough to want to see the show...
 Tuesday wasn't supposed to be as nice as the rest of week, so today we ventured out to Africa Alive!

That afternoon, my baby - my car that I've had for 8 years was low loaded away to be assessed for damage..
As we then had no car, a change of plans was in order and we simply spent the day by the pool...

 That evening at musical bingo, we WON!!!!  Cassandra got to go up and pick a prize..
One event during the evening entertainment was a "Bake off" - the first one of the season, where the kids had to bake/make/decorate a cake.  Alex was desperate to enter and even more so to win, however with no car and no cake making ingredients or equipment, we had to think outside the box...
That we did and his creation of chocolate fairy cakes as islands, surrounded by custard as the sea and various sweeties on top, secured him first place - he loves his apron!!!
 No morning was complete without a cuddle in Nannie's room..
Having been delivered a temporary courtesy car, we headed to the beach on Thursday where the sun shone all day and kids had great fun digging in the sand and playing in the cold sea!

 An ice cream rounded off the day nicely!
All too soon it was the last evening, where the kids changed up their tickets for prizes that I could of bought cheaper, but were happy with what they got..

We spent the last morning in the pool and started off for home just after lunch time.

Thanks to the weather we had another great week, spoilt only by the news when I got home that the insurance company had deemed my car beyond economical repair and were going to write it off :(


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