Tuesday 25 February 2014

Show time!

Everyone, especially me, has been so so proud of Alexander over half term as he performed brilliantly in Merlin Productions Sleeping Beauty all week.
I took Nicholas and Cassandra to see the show on Wednesday and managed to organise others so that he had someone there at all 7 performances!
 Alex and Nanny Poppins
 Alex and King Henry
 Alex & Queen Hetty
 Alex and Princess Beauty
 Alex and Fairy Crystal
 Alex and Caraboose
  Alex and Chester the Jester
It's given him a real taste of theatre and the stage and he had a great time.  Thank you to everyone at Merlin who made him feel so welcome.

My eternal thanks go out to everyone that came along to see the show and support him in his new venture - Mum, Tony & Christine, Barbara, Doug & Irene, Dawn, Andie & Max, Tara & Lennon, Rachel & Niamh and Karen & Ash.  He really, really appreciated your support :)


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