Tuesday 3 September 2013

The final week!!!

I have to admit that the last week of the hols did go fairly quickly...

Alexander had a sleepover at his friend Ashley's house and I picked them both up the following day as they were off to enjoy various activities over at Belchamps.
However, Alexander fell over and hurt his leg on the assault course and then whilst walking back bashed his head on an open window, so I ended up dashing back from watching "Planes" with Nicholas and Cassandra at the cinema to pick him up early.  He was fine...

Wednesday was a busy one with Nicholas having one of his best bud's Freddie over and we all went over to Wat Tyler park in Pitsea - where unknown to me, they had scheduled a family event with lots of different craft/painting for the kids to do :)

The afternoon saw me dropping Nicholas, Freddie, Sam and Jack all off at Adventure Island for Reuben's re-scheduled due to the awful rain, birthday party whilst Alexander, Cassandra, and I all went and played on the beach for a bit.

Thursday Cassie spent the morning at Little Steps Gymnastics activity morning, whilst I took the boys to get their hair cut ready for next week.
Nicholas had Joseph's Playfootball.net party in the afternoon and then the boys had RADS swimming and I spent a relaxing evening at Mum's scrapbooking...

The boy never tires of it, and Nicholas spent the day at SoccerHub playing football (again) only he got to wear his new Arsenal away kit courtesy of Grandad and us.
Cassandra was at her friend Tatiania's and so Alexander and I spent a lovely morning together..

The weekend kind of wizzed by at Leigh ramblers had their first Pre-season Tournament over in Shoebury and to save the other two having to come along and sit around, I dropped them over to Mum's en route. They played 3 matches: lost 2 and drew 1.

I then popped over to see my friend Sue - who is also the Beaver Leader and we had a good time chatting about the up coming term :)  our good friend Mark came over Saturday evening for wine, Chinese food and to watch "Olympus has Fallen".  Awesome movie!

Sunday the boys had their maths tutor over and they will certainly miss Liam when he goes off to Uni at the end of the month..  I then dropped Alexander and Lee off at Leigh Library as they were taking part in the Tweed ride to Southchurch park where we met them.  Alex said he really enjoyed the ride so I'll have to find some more they can do!!!!

So then yesterday was all about final preparations for back to school - Michelle took Alex and Nicholas off to the cinema with her two to watch Percy Jackson & the sea of monsters, that I hadn't managed to take them to - frustrated as I wanted to see it too.  It was very good apparently?!!!  Cassandra and I spent the morning playing and making chocolate cupcakes!
Then a lovely surprise visit from my friend Martyna and her little girl Millie topped off the morning. Cassandra started back at her ballet classes with Expressions now based at Tiffiny's Theatre.  Lee had another football coaching course to attend last night, so it was just me, a cup of well deserved tea and a sit down :)

We all made it through another summer holiday....


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