Sunday 29 September 2013

Back to School II

I suddenly realised that I hadn't uploaded any other photos of the kids first day back to school... so...
 Pre-departure with Daddy
 Pre-departure with Mummy
Alex has always been the sensitive one and although used to going back to school, he wasn't looking forward to this year as he doesn't like his teacher and is still having a few playground issues... love my big boy so much :)
Nicholas on the other hand, takes things all in his stride!  Now in Yr3 and Key Stage 2 playground him and his buds - Jack MacCardle, Freddie Knight, Jack Duce & Joesph Prescott just got stuck in when they came across a basketball!
After seeing the boys in, it was Cassandra's turn to start in "big School"... she'd been looking forward to it, but was still very apprehensive...
 Her Teacher, Mrs Clayton is lovely and she was happy to go in and find her peg, seat and see what was going on in her class.
 Even more so when she saw her "bestest friend ever" - Kaylah!


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