Saturday 3 August 2013

Week 2....

Well, I'm already on countdown - 4 weeks to go until my little darlings are back at school!!!

This week saw us at the library on Monday to get the first two stickers for each of the kids in the summer reading challenge and then Alexander had cookery over at Waitrose.

Tuesday Alex was at Science camp, so Nicholas and I went to see a good friend for the day and then I took all 3 to see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema.  It was very funny, but as I personally hadn't seen the first one (not sure how that happend) I didn't actually get all the jokes...
Wednesday we were supposed to be going over to Promanade park in Maldon, but the weather was not forecast to be good and the kids were playing up so much we didn't go.  So a day of various children sitting on the naughty step, having reward charts moved down and loosing stuff ensued....  I was thankful to get out and deliver my Avon....

Thursday we were supposed to be meting some friends over at priory park, so I'd packed a picnic and we were all set, only to be told that one of them had cancelled,.  Still, a nice morning was spent at the park and in the afternoon I'd hired the school pool which was a welcome relief on the hottest day of August for 8 or so years!

Whilst the kids played, the ladies chilled...

Friday was my strategically planned 1:1 day with Alexander as Nicholas was at Soccer hub all day and Mum had Cassandra.  So we did whatever Alex wanted to do which included going to the beach, we went down the pier, saw a Punch and Judy puppet show, came home and varnished his coasters he'd made at B&Q club a week or so ago AND he made a chocolate cake!!

Both Daddy and Nannie and Nicholas and Cassandra all gave it an 11/10 on the yummy scale!!!

Today Cassie had her little friend - Emily's birthday party to attend and Lee took the boys to Empire Juniors to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief in readiness for the new one that's out next.

Tomorrow sees good friends coming round for our first BBQ of the year - Looking forward to seeing Lee in a pinny, so I really hope it stays dry!!

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