Saturday 17 August 2013

Summer hols weeks 3 & 4

Well, the hols are continuing, however I can see light at the end of the long tunnel..

Monday of Week 3 saw Mum and I take the kids to Colchester Zoo.  They hadn't been to the zoo for ages and we actually had a great day - not too much fighting!
Tuesday, I took the kids to see Monsters University at the cinema - was brilliant!
Wednesday saw us meeting up with some of the other Mum's over at Shoebury East Each way.  Alexander and Nicholas were amazing as they cycled all the way there with Michelle and Rachel and their kids.  Was so proud of them, as neither of them have ever cycled that far.  I did have the new cycle rack on the back of the car though to take them home! 
Thursday saw Alex and Nicholas at Bikeability gaining their level one and two, so I picked up Cassandra's "bestie" - Kaylah and we went over to Farmer Fred's playbarn for a bit and then back to ours to play.
On Friday we headed off up to Clacton, to Haven's Orchards for our 2nd summer holiday camping trip.
The weather kept nice for us and despite some fun - or not in the mud, we had a nice weekend.
On the way home on Sunday afternoon, we passed a PYO sign, so stopped off for the kids to experience picking their own strawberries!  I think I ate more than anyone, they were scrummy and the kids had fun!


This week saw Alexander at Belchamps with is bud Ashley taking part in one of their activities days - both had a brilliant time.  Mum kindly had Cassie for the day, so Nicholas and I got to spend some much needed 1:1 time.

He had a million and one things on his "to do" list and first off was a visit to Hadleigh castle & farm followed by cake making, playing games and cars, drawing, painting and paper mache!  We got through most of it..

Got to love Half Price Tuesday's at Empire, which was us all watching Smurf's 2 - considering I hadn't seen the first one is was a really nice feel good movie..
Alex had cookery club over at Waitrose in the afternoon and afterward I went and had my hair cut - so I'm all short and red again!

Wednesday we were supposed to be meeting up with the school Mum's at the park, but the kids were arguing and fighting so much we didn't go and had a day indoors instead.  No bad thing... As an Assistant Beaver Scouts leader now, I'm getting well into my role, and tonight saw Sue Davies and I programme planning for next term.  Quite enjoyable going through activities and things we can do to ensure all the beavers in our colony work towards and get their badges.  AND, I'm all fired up to plan and run my first nights away!

Thursday Alex had a sleepover at Mum', so I took Nicholas and Cassandra to Southchurch park for a bit and met up with my friend Lynne and her two kids.  When we left there, Nicholas had one of his bud's - Sam over for a sleepover.  They were quite good and come Friday, Sam got dropped home just before 10am as Nicholas was at soccer hub footie all day.  He's itching to get back to training...  Cassandra and I were supposed to be meeting up with friends in the park, but as it was raining, we all piled round Julie's house instead where the 3 little girls all played exceptionally well with each other and Julie, Martyna and I all got to have a great chat!

Today saw a meet up with the in-laws down at Adventure Island...
 Even Lee and I had to get in on the act of rides and fun!!
The kids all behaved brilliantly and got on so well.  We really need to meet up more often :)

So, come tomorrow it will be only 15 days until the kids go back........!!!!


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