Tuesday 16 April 2013

Back to my youth...

It's one of my best friend's birthdays soon and she's going to be 30 - we were talking "bucket lists" a while back and when she mentioned that seeing Meatloaf in concert was on it and when he was scheduled to perform at the 02, I just couldn't not go!

 Karen, as you can imagine was just soooooooooo excited (I was too, but I've seen him before)!!
 A bit of a situ with the queue of the ladies, saw us borrowing the men's before going into find our brilliant seats..
 And a quick change and we were both in character!
 Despite being 65, the man himself was just AWESOME!!
He sang all his classic hits - Paradise by the Dashboard light being amazing..
 I'd do anything for love was his amazing encore and the entire event was just so well worth the money!!!


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