Sunday 28 April 2013

And the celebrations carry on!

Cassandra's birthday celebrations carried on at the weekend with 12 of her friends coming round to our house for a Princess and Knights party!
The weather kept dry for most of the afternoon which allowed everyone to hunt the dragon eggs out in the garden, but it was just rather cold, that I arranged all the other games inside.. 
 Making crowns, Snow White's poison apple, Cinderella's lost glass slipper, Kissing the frog etc etc all lead to everyone graduating from Princess / Knight school!  

I actually ran out of time for all the games I'd prepared and the princess parcel is still sitting on the side as I forgot to do that game too!
Cassandra loved her princess cake and is very happy that she's now a big girl - at 4!

Many, many thanks to Mum for all her help as usual and also to Martyna who got stuck in too.  I'll return the favour in July!


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