Sunday 6 January 2013


Well, as anyone who's spoken to me since we got back from Lapland in the middle of December, knows that I really wasn't happy with our "once in a lifetime" trip to the most magical place of all at Christmas...

A lot of issues and I have written and sent a 4 page letter of complaint to Thomson holidays.  They are currently "investigating", so we'll see what comes of that...

The kids however loved it.  From our special elf - Stardust (Cassandra kept on calling her Sawdust) to sledging in the snow, to riding on a sleigh pulled by husky dogs to meeting Mr C himself - it was just amazing for them...  and that was the most important thing about the whole trip really...
Love this pic Lee got - reminds me of a Christmas card..
 Outside our cabin
Race you!
Taster sessions - Cassanndra's favourite - the reindeer...

 Snowmobiles I think were Alex's fav...
 And maybe Nicholas'
 Cassandra even got a ride too!

 Then for the big kids!!
 More elves!
 Husky taster ride..

 Petting the big dogs..
 or the puppies..
 Or just saying hello!

 Santa Park

Gingerbread decorating and eating!
 Even more elves!!!
How big is that snowman?!?!
 The most Northernest McDonalds - and Ronald was there!

Time for the Santa Gala dinner..
 our elf - Stardust!
 He's arrived!!!!
 Soooooooooooo excited...
 In total awe of the man..
 Big hugs!

And yes, the beard was real :)


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