Sunday 17 June 2012

School Jubilee

The kids school worked extremely hard the other week and put on a great event to celebrate the Jubilee.

Each year group had picked one of the 6 decade's of the Queen's reign and had chosen a song to go with it.  Alex's class "Hera" had chosen "60's" and they danced away to the Hand Jive!

A rendition of "God save the Queen" had to be done and all the kids joined in as they'd been learning the words over the previous couple of weeks in preperation..

 Nicholas' class "Artimis" had chosen "90's" and their song was one of the Spice Girls..

Nicholas had been practicing his "wiggle" for ages!

I'd taken Cassandra out of nursery early to join in the fun too..

700 odd balloons (that I hasten to add that I helped blow up - with the help of a helium tank) were then let off - one for each child in the school...

A picnic on the field and a mini fete afterwards rounded off  a great afternoon before half term.


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