Monday 4 June 2012


Despite my efforts to orgainise a Street party and the council's reluctance to close the bit of road I wanted to, all was not lost as we were guests (or shall I say officially crashed) the right hand side of Sandhurst Crescent's street party :)

There I was just before 9am with loads of other people helping to put the big marque's up that would keep us mostly dry for the day as despite the weather, we are British and we will enjoy ourselves.... and we did!

From face painting

to dancing in the rain,

 Lunch was a real community event..

 Cassandra found a friend to play with..

And Alexander decided that he wants to be a professional face painter now!

A small selection of the cakes entered into the cake competition - we all got to have a slice or two after the judging!

 Even the local fire brigade turned up to join in our celebrations!

God save the Queen, Land of Hope & Glory and Jerusalem all got sung and danced to and flags were waved in abundance...

Alex found a new girlfriend in Ellie

And we all had a simply BRILLIANT time.

Thanks to all those that put in months of organisation to make it a truly wonderful day for us all.


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