Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

For the last few years, we've all gone over to Mum's on Good Friday and she's done an Egg Hunt for the kids and this year was no exception...

Mum's garden is big, but not that big to hide eggs for 3 inquisitive kids, but she succeed - again!

All 3 ran around like loonies searches under plants, in bushes, behind plant pots, the shed etc etc and soon had all their other halves of eggs and goodies.

BUT - there was more to come, a "clue egg hut" led them all to a big bag of goodies that Mum had hidden for each of them - I think Cassie like the chick best!

Then came the egg and spoon race - with a little bit of cheating going on..

The sun stayed out for most of the day even allowing Lee to do his photographer bit..

We all had a great day and Mum did us all a gorgeous lunch too - thanks MUM!!!



Unknown said...

Hey Sharon looks like you all had lots of fun for Easter :-) lovely pictures bet you can't wait to scrap them :-) xxxx Katie xxx

Infinity97 said...

I'm about a year behind honey, but Mum's already done these!!!