Sunday 15 April 2012

All action!

During the holidays Cassandra still goes to nursery twice a week, so on these days I try to organise to do something special with the boys that it's hard to do when Cassandra is around.

Last Wednesday I took them both to Action Park at Wickford where they enjoyed a 3 hour session of "activity"...

First up was the "High Ropes" area and the climbing wall - which they both mastered with ease by reaching the top and ringing the bell!

Second activity was the leap of faith, but the wobbly pole to climb up proved a little too much for both of them..

The final activity in the High Ropes was the aerial glide which Nicholas LOVED and wanted to do again - Alex on the other hand was a little nervous stepping off the ledge to fly down..

The Quad bikes were the biggest hit of the day, these being Alex's favourite - he really let rip..

The driving of a police 4x4 was a thrill for them both....

And they both now want to go and take part in paintball after some target practice.... not sure I could afford to keep them in paintballs though!


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