Sunday 27 November 2011


I couldn't believe that my little boy was big enough for Beavers camp, but he was, so last weekend Nicholas went off with this big bro to Winter camp with his Beavers Scout group.

The Beavers are still to young to actually sleep in tents (good job really as it was really cold) so they stay in dorms inside - both Nicholas and Alex were there a little early, so managed to grab two of the top bunks!

 They were warned by Sue, not to fight or she'd split them up, but I think Alex was secretly pleased to be there on hand to help his little brother.

Nicholas in particular had a fabby first camp.  He stayed in the same clothes the whole weekend and probably didn't wash either, but he came home very tired, but a happy (and grubby) little man.

Roll on the next one!


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