Tuesday 29 January 2019

Two teenagers in the house!!!

A few weeks ago our house became one that had TWO teenagers living in it as Nicholas turned 13!!!
Have no idea how this young man is 13, but he is.  Still into football as much as ever and very pleased with his birthday gift of new boots!
 After training in the morning, Lee took Nicholas and his bud Jack to see Southend United play.  The game was awful and they left just before the end.  Only to find out after that Southend scored two goals in that time!
At age 13 is the last year the kids have a "big birthday do" and this year Nicholas had said that he wanted to go back to Elite Gamerz in Westcliff with some buds and to just "game"
So that's what he did. 

After pizza and the traditional singing of happy birthday, it was game over.


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