Monday 5 February 2018


It's no secret that I LOVE going to the theatre.  local or up in London.  I love a good show - musical, mystery, comedy or whatever. 

I'm also a bit of a groupie and can regularly be found lurking around the stage door os theatre's in an endeavour to obtain a star's autograph and I'm normally successful!

Both Mum and I are HUGE Strictly Come Dancing fans and Brendon Cole has been my favourite pro dancer since I started watching.  So for Mum's Christmas pressie, I bought us tickets to go and see his new show 'All Night Long' at the Cliffs Pavilion.

In true stalker fashion we got to meet the man himself and what a lovely guy he was too!

Then the other week, Mum and I went back to the Cliffs Pavillion to see Sunset Boulevard - mainly because it had Danny Mac in it (we both think that he was robbed of that Strictly win, but hey ho..) and he was Mum's absolute favourtie!

Again, patience is a virtue and we got to meet and chat to the lovely man himself.  Albeit he was a little shorter and definately a little slimmer than I thought.


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Jackie said...

What happened to Lee???